Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co.2015 Harvest is SOLD OUT. 2016 Harvest is on order and arriving in the New Year! Thank you for your business and Happy Holidays!

For thousands of years in Mediterranean culture, olive oil has been an essential ingredient for a happy, healthy life. We founded the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Company with that fundamental truth in mind.

We searched throughout Tuscany and found a family-owned farm near Cinigiano, tucked between Monte Amiata and the Tuscan coast, with an ideal climate for the production of fantastic oil. At an elevation of 1000 feet, far from any factories or cities, our friends there cultivate the highest quality olive oil without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Late in the fall, as the colors fade from summer and plump, piquant olives reach their perfection, the certified-organic olives are harvested, rendering an extra virgin oil of peerless quality.

In our lives we value healthful ingredients, sublime food, and great friends at the table. With this olive oil we’re grateful to share a bit of that with you.


Andy and Elaine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Co.